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T.I Ukende
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 As the forthcoming 2023 presidential election is warming up, Former Emir of Kano and immediate past Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) Muhammmadu Sanusi has spoken to Nigerians and declared his next line of action.

Sanusi, while speaking at a colloquium to mark his 60th birthday, said he has no plans to become president in 2023 or go into politics.

To occupy his time, the former Emir said he has secured admission to the University of London for a PhD in Law programme.

He will be writing on “the codification of Muslim family laws an instrument of social reform”.

Speaking at the reception in his honour to mark his 60th birthday in Abuja, Sanusi said fear and greed are the two critical factors that have destroyed Nigeria.

He said his prison experienced has moulded him not to be afraid of going to prison or dying.

Sanusi noted the country has a problem if privileged Nigerians fail to think of how to help the less privileged everyday.

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