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Reekado Banks sings in Tiv; adopted implication lyrics by 2face

T.I Ukende
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“Reekado Banks, one of  the Marvin Records finest artist has reportedly stolen some Tiv lyrics  from a song first sang by 2face Idibia more than a decade ago.”

Marvin Records Superstar, Reekado Banks

The verse two of Reekado Banks “Niphkeys” song titled “man of the year” featured a four bars Tiv lyrics which he copied from 2face’s “implication” without giving credit to the original writer.

Origin of the Tiv lyrics sang by Reekado Banks in “Man of the year”

In 2008 a Benue born Vocalist and an African Queen Crowner, 2face Idibia released a song titled “implication”. The pop song immediately became a street anthem and of course the first to come from a different ethnicity despite having schooled in Tivland.

The song (implication) went viral. In Benue where the Tiv language is widely spoken “implication” became the cause for arguments as to who actually wrote the lyrics of the club banger for 2face. Some were on the opinions that the lyrics might have been written by Agon John who is widely known as AJ Natives. Others argued that 2face had his early education in Tivland (Makurdi) so he might have learnt the language there. 80% of fans who are close to AJ Native believed he wrote the lyrics for 2face.

Who is AJ Natives?

Agon John hails from Vandeikya Local Government Area of Benue State. He is a Tiv person by ethnicity or tribe. AJ Native and Hyacinth Idibia formed the defunct musical duo (Da Natives). Hyacinth and AJ sang the song “Shan Pepe” meaning “Morning Star” in 2002 and were also featured on one of the hit songs in 2face Idibia’s first studio album titled “Keep on Rockin”.

Reekado Banks’ “Man of the year”

In the second verse of the “Man of the Year” song Reekado Banks sings a replicate lyrics that 2face Idibia sang 14 years ago (2008). The lyrics goes this way;

“alu ken usu kpa me za 

sha vande kpa se za 

me lu undun we ga 

zan zan tartor ava”

By translation Reekado Banks is saying;

“Even in fire I will go 

on the rock we will go 

I won’t leave you

Till heaven comes”

Did Reekado Banks obtained permission before using the lyrics?

We know for sure that 2face reserves the exclusive rights of these lyrics but on whether Banks obtained permission we don’t know. However we know that if it were not so 2face may have instituted a law suit challenging the Marvin Star singer by now.

Conclusively, Reekado Banks has merited applause from his Tiv speaking fans across the country.

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