Developer week 2023 Hackathon to kick-off by February 1st (co-sponsored by Pi Core Team)

Developer Week which is the largest challenge-driven in-person & virtual hackathon has called for application into it’s this year’s hackathon which may possibly kick-off today February 1st 2023.

According to the information made available through the platform’s blog, the hackathon is expected to attract over 600 participants and will be hosted online and in physical location. The official post reads:

“Join the largest challenge-driven in-person & virtual hackathon, co-located with DeveloperWeek 2023! Our hackathons regularly attract over 600+ participants, and we are inviting the international developer community to converge in person & online this year for the DeveloperWeek 2023 Hackathon”


  • This hackathon is both physical and online. Teams will be created for the DeveloperWeek 2023 Hackathon on Participants can message one another through Devpost to establish teams, participate in discussion boards, and contact sponsors.
  • Teams can create brand-new mobile, consumer, and business web applications.
  • Teams can take on as many problems as they wish or they can solve no difficulties (create whatever you want).
  • There will be two judging rounds. To choose the overall winner, judges will evaluate each team project during Round One and record their evaluations on a scoring sheet. The Sponsor Round is the second round. Each sponsor will select a winner after evaluating the teams completing their Challenge. The sponsors will select the rewards and determine their own prize winners.
  • Round one judging will be based on 1) How much progress you make 2) Concept – does it solve a real problem? and 3) Feasibility – could this become a startup or company?

For more information kindly get details HERE

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