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VIDEO: South Korean analyst ranked Pi Network and CORE (Satoshi) highest on his list of 23 free crypto mining platforms

Grace Owell
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The Pi Network has topped the list of 23 free crypto mining platforms compiled by a South Korean analyst in the fourth and last week of the month of September, 2022. His comparison has also considered the number of searched queries on search engines globally and the number of followers on Twitter and growth rate in percentage (%).

Pi Network has emerged first leading 22 other crypto mining applications on the list while Satoshi (CORE) followed. His analysis revealed that, within the month of September alone, Pi Network has had 120,200 searches while Satoshi (CORE) followed after a wide margin having only 13,330 searches.

According to the data made available on twitter by @cyfren and video compiled by meronaBeam channel on YouTube shows that Pi Network had left a very wider margin of over 80% between itself and Satoshi in terms of searches. The third being Sweatcoin which has 2,830 respectively.

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Watch the video below to understand more 👇🏿

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