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Price of Pi (Pi Network) surged marginally by 0.12% as trading volume hits $10.22m

Angela Beckham
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Pi Coin is unquestionably gaining popularity in the cryptocurrency space despite operating in an enclosed mainnet, as evidenced by the growth of its listed IOU on exchanges and the daily trading volume. According to a recent report from CoinMarketCap, the IOU token’s daily transaction volume on its platform reached $10.22 million. At the same time, the price of the token increased marginally by 0.12% to stand at $83.53, surpassing the $80.14 it was traded for yesterday.

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As a result of the assurance provided by Atlantis Exchange, investors in the sector are examining the IOU for investment with the hope that it will be redeemable once the mainnet is deployed.

As they continue to support the Pi Core Team’s decision, CoinMarketCap enabled CORE DAO for live price tracking while cautioning that Pi is still in enclosed mainnet and cannot be connected to external platforms, potentially leading to asset loss.

Trading Volume

As we stated above, the trading volume of the Pi Network’s native token has reportedly hit $10.22 million within 24 hours.

The 24h volume published directly from the exchange in quotation units is used to determine the volume for each market pair, and it is then converted to USD using CoinMarketCap’s current reference pricing.

According to sources, various unlicensed third-party exchanges and potential unidentified third parties are attempting to market Pi, tokens that are believed to be Pi, or some purported derivative of Pi, without the knowledge, permission, or cooperation of Pi Network.

Pi Network has not authorized Pi for trading or listing on any exchange, and Pi Network is not associated with any alleged postings or listings while it is in the Enclosed Network phase of the Mainnet.

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  • I’m still confused as to the correct price of PI. Some platforms are recording $80, some $100 +, while some I’m seeing $29k – $30k.
    Please what is the real price of PI

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