Piscrow revealed major features of it’s application in the Pi Hackathon mid-point

Since the introduction of the enclosed Pi Network mainnet and due to its widespread adoption, Pi payments have begun to replace all other types of cryptocurrency payments. However, this trend has been somewhat hampered by the anonymity of crypto transactions, which has led to some bad actors defrauding or cheating other pioneers of their mined Pi. As a result, it is essential for pioneers to use escrow services for regular online and offline transactions when they don’t already know each other.

The Pi Hackathon is a fascinating event that showcases the most recent technological advancements. The Piscrow app, created to help pioneers get the most of the hackathon experience, is one of the event’s most amazing aspects. This app is intended to serve a number of purposes, including offering a simple method of connecting with other entrepreneurs to conduct business.

The Piscrow app is designed to make the hackathon experience more seamless and efficient. It allows pioneers to easily search for and connect with other pioneers, as well as providing them with information about certain goods or services. The application was also designed to be user friendly and intuitive, with a simple and easy to use interface.

What is Piscrow?

Piscrow is an escrow system built on the Pi Blockchain, enabling secure and trusted peer – to – peer barter of Pi for value.

Piscrow Features and Solutions to Problems

Authentication: There is no need to sign up, but with a secure authentication system, login is done automatically in the Pi browser only.

Escrow: Pi payments have begun to replace all other types of crypto currency payments. However, the trend has been somewhat marred by some bad actors, duping or cheating other pi miners or pioneers. As a result, it is essential for pioneers to use escrow services for both online and offline transactions when they don’t know one another.

Appeal: Piscrow Appeal System is a feature to settle disputes and make sure both partners are satisfied.

Deal Zone: To help pioneers find people offering goods and services for Pi, the piscrow deal zone allows other pioneers to publish items or services they are giving in exchange for Pi. Pioneers can now connect with vendors and service providers through in – app chatting or deal outside to prevent scam.

Language Support: Currently, Piscrow supports 15 languages. The figure is likely to increase in the future.

Profile: Provision is made for users with a little bit of customization to the account avatar. It can be accessed on the people page. Viewing your Piscrow history and other services are also on the same page.

Refer and Earn: To keep the pioneers active and a chance to earn while they use Piscrow, built-in is a feature that rewards pioneers with Pi when fellow pioneers and friends are referred to using Piscrow.

Notifications: Receive timely notifications on actions and messages about individual pioneer accounts and transaction updates.

How to Access the Piscrow app

This is in two simple steps:

  • Open the Pi Browser.


Overall, the Piscrow app is a fantastic addition to the Pi Hackathon and will undoubtedly improve everyone’s participation and efficiency. The Piscrow app is certain to become popular once it is in use owing to its user-friendly UI and extensive feature set. The Piscrow software will undoubtedly play a significant role in the success of the Pi Hackathon.

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