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PiCoreTeam Developing Solutions to Improve KYC Process

Terfa Ukende
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The PiCoreTeam is developing a number of solutions to improve the pi Network KYC process, as outlined in their latest roadmap update. These solutions include:

  • A more advanced version of the Validator grading system to distinguish a top tier of trusted Validators for conducting higher-stake tasks such as manual reviews to supplement machine automation. This could significantly improve KYC throughput.
  • A solution to unblock KYC applications with missing data fields with the help of trusted Validators. Validator review may be extended to help unblock other parts of KYC such as Tentative KYC cases, etc.
  • A Review system being built for Pioneers to appeal and sort out rejection reasons.
  • UX enhancements to provide more in-app guidance, education and easier onboarding to avoid resulting in corner cases that can get stuck.
  • Building the additional checks required to process Tentative KYC cases.

These solutions are designed to address some of the key challenges with the current KYC process, such as long wait times, high rejection rates, and lack of transparency. By improving the KYC process, the PiCoreTeam hopes to make it easier and faster for Pioneers to complete KYC and start using the Pi Network.

Questions About KYC?

If you have questions about KYC, you can visit the Pi Network Help Center or join the Pi Network Community Forum.

Tentatively Passed KYC?

If you have tentatively passed KYC, your application will be reviewed by a trusted Validator. If your application is approved, you will be able to fully participate in the Pi Network. If your application is rejected, you will be given the opportunity to appeal the decision.

What is in progress from version 1 roadmap?

The PiCoreTeam is currently working on a number of items from the version 1 roadmap, including:

  • Launching the Pi Network Mainnet
  • Enabling Pi transfers between Pioneers
  • Developing Pi applications and services

The PiCoreTeam is committed to building a secure and decentralized Pi Network that is accessible to everyone. The KYC process is an important part of this mission, as it helps to protect the network from fraud and abuse. Read Similar Story

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