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PiChain Mall announced Pi-Snake Play-to-Earn GameFi on Pi Network as hackathon enters day two

An exciting new development for Pi Network users is the launch of the first play-to-earn Pi Coin game within the gaming library of the reputable Pi Network store, PiChain Mall. Only the Pi Browser version of the game is now accessible, and regular updates and new game types are anticipated.

The first war game to appear on the PiChain Mall gaming platform is Pi-Snake. The first players that sign up and start playing during the first month will be eligible for special rewards, such as a special skin that will improve their gaming. All skins will be in NFT format, the company revealed, making them open for user ownership and actions like re-sale.

“Pi-Snake is the first war game on the PCM game platform. You can grow your body by operating your own snake to eat the food on the map, or defeat the enemy through collision to get more real objects for rapid growth!” reads the in-game announcement. “There are many modes in the game. For example, in the bounty mode, you can kill the enemy to obtain high PI coins, accumulate Pi wealth while entertaining, Happy Games!”

Pi Network hackathon enters day two with over 1000 participants

As of the most recent information publicly available, the Pi Network Hackathon 2023 is said to have more than a thousand projects registered in the ongoing hackathon which officially commenced yesterday January 9th and it’s scheduled to end on February 28, 2023. Participants with an interest in starting businesses will have the chance to network with investors, including Silicon Valley investors.

The successful hackers and programmers will also have the chance to launch their creations and will be able to access the Pi Network’s enormous user base, which comprises more than 35 million Pioneers (Pi miners).

The following four categories will be present at the hackathon: Games and Entertainment (Games and Entertainment), Consumer Utilities (Utilities for customers), Open Innovation: Your Best Idea, and Social Media (Social Media) (for Initiatives). the top.

Programmers and hackers are free to write their own programs and run them on the Pi Network platform. Players will receive rewards up to $30,000 in addition to any further prizes.

Additionally, the PiChain Mall team has declared that it would take part in the Q1 2023 Pi Network Hackathon with the Pi-Snake GameFi project. As the hackathon goes on, the team will provide updates and announcements to its community every day.

Despite the game still being in beta, some users complained about the slowness and visual quality of the game on Twitter. Users can submit game bugs via Telegram to support development during the beta test, according to the PiChain Mall team.


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