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Pi (Pi Network) maintain a stable price of $25,000 on Atlantis Exchange for three days

T.I Ukende
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Since being listed on the Atlantis Exchange, Pi Coin has maintain a steady surge for almost three days hitting it’s peak of $70,000. However, the token drastically dropped by more than half to stand at $25,000, where it held its value for three days in a row.

Source: Atlantis Exchange

Recall that on new year day (January 1st) we reported that “the token had a sharp increase on the Atlantis Exchange platform the same day it was listed and traded for $35,000, the highest price it has ever hit since being listed on exchanges, marking a 17400% increase within 24 hours.

What is Atlantis Exchange?

Atlantis Exchange is one of the few recently developed creative and disruptive trading platforms that has been officially registered by both the United Nations and the US Department of the Treasury.

It was developed to systematically address the five issues facing the cryptocurrency sector. Its internal features are 8 UNIQUE, lacking in other bitcoin exchanges. Such events will provide participants with excellent safeguards against various financial risks. All members can maximize their profits by working on Atlantis Exchange every day.

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