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1563 participants already win milestone rewards as Pi Network commence first hackathon in 2023

Another hackathon has begun at Pi Network; it appears to be the first in 2023 and could be the last before the Mainnet, which is expected to go live soon. The hackathon, which is anticipated to complete the creation and development of the Pi project’s ecosystem-utilities, has 1563 confirmed participants, some of whom have already received some of the milestone rewards, according to the prizes defined.

Source: Screenshot of the hackathon registration portal

Numerous projects are anticipated to show interest in the Pi Hackathon. A strong ecosystem of shops, games, and other businesses already exists within the community of over 40 million users. The community is driven by a variety of factors to create and produce in order to get ready for the Open Mainnet.

All participants will receive awards under the milestone rewards because the Core Team has already said ‘everyone who participates in the hackathon at whatever level would receive incentives. The declaration reads, in part:

We want every thoughtful participant to be a winner! In addition to our cash prizes, we are offering crypto rewards to all hackathon teams who successfully accomplish certain milestones in the hackathon.”

Here are the milestone rewards

  • 1.00Pi – Creating a Pi account.
  • 5.60Pi – Trying out our Demo App code (check out the Resource Center for more information on these steps).
  • 0.10Pi – Tier 1: Create App on DevPortal.
  • 0.50Pi – Tier 2: Run Demo locally on Sandbox.
  • 5.00Pi – Tier 3: Deploy Demo App on Servers.
  • 1.00Pi – Attending our workshops (0.50Pi each).
  • 20.00Pi – Participating in a mid-point check-in, And
  • 72.40Pi – Deploying a fully functional app on Pi Mainnet using the PiOS license

The milestone rewards have been set as incentives to be granted to all participants for doing either a more difficult action, such as deploying a functional application, or for performing a simple action, such as “account creation.”

“Such milestones range from very simple actions to more complex deliverables, and a total of 100Pi is available, which is equivalent to over 290 days of mining at the current base rate.”

What is Pi Network?

Nicolas Kokkalis and Chengdiao Fan of Stanford University founded the Pi Network. To make digital money available to everyone, they began working on it in 2018. They created the Pi Network app and published a whitepaper on March 14, 2019.


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