Pi Network’s Mainnet Launch: Anticipation Grows Amidst Rising Pi Coins

Enthusiasts and investors eagerly await the moment when Pi Network, a decentralized digital currency, will open its Mainnet. Recent data from Pi Network’s ledger (blockexplorer.minepi.com) has revealed a significant milestone, with the number of Pi Mainnet coins reaching a staggering 2.2 billion. Among these, 1.5 billion Pi are currently locked, and 800 million Pi are actively trading in the market.

The Pi Core Team’s white paper outlines a crucial threshold for the Mainnet launch. It states that Pi Network will Open Mainnet when the number of Pi coins reaches between 10 to 20 billion. Calculations suggest that achieving the lower end of this range, 10 billion Pi, will take approximately 5 years, while reaching 20 billion Pi will extend the timeline to a decade. This extended period has left many in the community astounded and impatient for progress.

However, amidst the widespread speculation and anticipation, voices within the Pi Network community offer a different perspective. According to discussions on Pibridge, a platform where enthusiasts exchange ideas, some members argue that such a timeline is excessively lengthy for a blockchain project. Citing the rapid pace at which the crypto industry evolves, these enthusiasts believe Pi Network will Open Mainnet much sooner than the projected 5 to 10 years.

While the exact launch date remains uncertain, optimism abounds as believers in the project look towards the future. Some speculate that the Mainnet could potentially be unveiled as early as next year or within the next few years, defying the expectations outlined in the Pi Core Team’s white paper.

As the Pi Network community eagerly anticipates further updates, the cryptocurrency world watches closely, intrigued by the project’s potential and the evolving landscape of digital currencies. Read More

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