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Pi Network’s first meme Coin (PI-INU) now listed on five Crypto Exchanges

People tend to be negative for Meme coins, or think of themselves as speculative means. But the value of the meme coin varies according to the popularity of the target of the concept. How about a pi network? Numerous Memes have been tried to the concept, but the final survival is Pi INU and SpacePi.

These are the same as a Binance token that is concept of a pi network, but because the concept of Meme token itself is different, the image or atmosphere is defined. [irp]

How do you utilize them as a means to replace Pi Network that has not yet been realized in monetary investment and profitable aspects?

It is the first release of the first time in November 2021, Pi INU. It is a concept of puppies, such as Shiba INU or Doge coin and the country with the most holders is South Korea and Japan. Spacepi is a concept that extends into the universe, and the country with the most holders is estimated to be in China. [irp]

Both tokens are attempting to expand to various fields such as NFT, D’app, and they are competing with each other, but are also accompanied by mutual growth without any partnership.

If the Pi network enters the main trading market, who will be the winner among these two Meme tokens?

Already PI-INU is listed on over five (5) crypto trading platforms including the popular CoinMarketCap, Pancakeswap, Decoin, Coinsbit and Digifinex. The price is very attractive so pioneers can give a trial.

In case you are not aware

  • Pi-INU is a Pi Network meme coin based on the Binance Smart Chain. The ‘Pi’ in the Pi-INU symbolizes the Pi-network, Pi-INU aims to be a link between the Pi-network and Binance Smart Chain. After the Pi-network ecosystem is fully established, it will act as an intermediary that enables mutual tradings.
  • When the mainnet of the Pi Network is launched, whatever the direction of operation, it will constitute an ecosystem, Someday, it will be traded on a regular exchange or through a DEX. It is no different from many other cryptocurrencies. However, there is no disagreement that the ecosystem, such as the pi browser, will be very large and the application fields will be wide. Pi INU, a meme token based on the Pi Network concept, will try to build a PINU/Pi pair with priority over other pairs.
  • PI-INU is listed on over five (5) crypto trading platforms including the popular CoinMarketCap, Pancakeswap, Decoin, Coinsbit and Digifinex.


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