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Pi Network: Why Pi Core Team may choose March 2023 for open mainnet launch

Pi Network is still active in its closed mainnet, where firewalls are restricted from connecting to other blockchains. These restrictions will be lifted once the mainnet is opened; however, there has been no official announcement of the date for the launch yet, but rumors have it that it could take place on March 14 of this year (2023).

The Core Team may decide to launch the mainnet on Pi day anniversary, which is typically on March 14th because that was the day Pi Network was launched back in 2019, which is why they are extremely speculative about that date.

The fact that Pi Coin has already been listed on exchanges and that the Core Team may not want to hold early adopters in suspense for too long due to potential mutiny from individuals who are anxious to exchange PiCoin for Fiat is another reason why the Mainnet launch may take place in March too.

Pioneers are hopeful that the current hackathon, which is the first this year (2023), may actually be the last before the Mainnet is launched.

What is Pi Network?

The Pi Network, developed by a team of Stanford University graduates, enables users to mine PI cryptocurrency coins using desktop and mobile phone apps, validating transactions on a distributed record.

Written by T.I Ukende

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