Pi Network Proposes Games in the Last Year’s Hackathon; Top 5 GameFi Innovations

pi network

Pi Network, the decentralized cryptocurrency project, kicked off its highly anticipated hackathon on January 9, 2023, inviting developers and project teams to showcase their creativity and skills in building decentralized applications (dApps) within the Pi Network ecosystem. With over 2000 projects registered, the event has seen a surge of innovative initiatives across various themes, including social media, games and entertainment, and consumer utilities.

Among the plethora of projects, gaming dApps have emerged as a standout category, capturing the imagination of users and developers alike. Here are the top five gaming dApps proposed in the ongoing Pi Network hackathon:

1. Math Madness: Catering to the intellectually inclined, Math Madness offers an engaging online arithmetic challenge where users can test their math skills against random opponents. The fast-paced academic game puts players’ speed and knowledge to the test, providing a thrilling experience for math enthusiasts.

2. Playroom: Playroom revolutionizes gaming by providing authentic gaming tools utilizing the native Pi token. Pioneers can utilize Pi to purchase gaming discs and configurations for popular platforms like Xbox, PC, and Playstation. Additionally, gamers can engage in buying and selling consoles, game cheats, and other gaming-related items within the Playroom ecosystem.

3. Happy Pi Farm: Dive into the world of simulation business gaming with Happy Pi Farm, a decentralized game set on a virtual farm. Players assume the role of farm operators, managing every aspect of farm operations, from purchasing seeds to harvesting and selling fruits. The game’s in-game currency, earned as gold coins, is tokenized on the Pi chain, allowing players to exchange them for actual Pi coins.

4. Pi Gaming Center: Offering a diverse array of gaming opportunities, Pi Gaming Center provides a platform for users to earn Pi coins through various gaming activities. From traditional board games like chess and checkers to video game leagues, tournaments, and poker tables, the gaming center promises an immersive gaming experience. Plans to introduce a full-fledged casino featuring sports betting, table games, and slots are also in the pipeline.

5. Pi Snake: Set within Pi’s isolated mainnet, Pi-Snake is a blockchain entertainment game where players control tiny snakes to consume or eliminate other players, thereby growing longer. With multiple gameplay modes, users can earn rewards while enjoying an exhilarating gaming experience.

These innovative gaming dApps underscore Pi Network’s commitment to fostering creativity and engagement within its community. As the hackathon progresses, the anticipation grows for the unveiling of more groundbreaking projects that will shape the future of gaming within the Pi ecosystem. Read Similar Story

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