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Pi Network Progresses Through Phases Towards Mainnet Launch

Terfa Ukende
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The Pi Network blockchain often touted as the “people’s cryptocurrency,” is charting its course through a series of carefully planned phases. Let’s take a closer look at the roadmap of Pi Network and its current status.

Phase 1 – Design, Distribution, Trust Graph Bootstrap:

Pi Network kicked off its journey with a design phase, focusing on creating a solid foundation for the project. During this stage, the network worked on the distribution model and laid the groundwork for a trust graph, an essential element in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Phase 2 – Testnet:

Following the initial phase, Pi Network shifted its focus to testing. The Testnet phase was crucial for ironing out any potential issues and ensuring the platform’s stability and security. It allowed early adopters and miners to get a feel for the network and contribute to its development.

Phase 3 – Mainnet:

The ultimate goal of Pi Network is the Mainnet, which represents the full-fledged launch of the cryptocurrency. Interestingly, the Mainnet phase is divided into two parts. Currently, the project is in the Enclosed Network Mainnet period, indicating significant progress toward its ultimate goal.

One of the most anticipated moments in Pi Network’s journey is the availability of Pi crypto on cryptocurrency exchanges. This momentous event is set to occur at the end of the 3rd phase, the Mainnet. When this happens, miners who have been diligently contributing to the network will have the opportunity to trade their Pi crypto for other tokens or coins, potentially opening up exciting new possibilities for Pi holders.

It’s worth noting that Pi Network is still in its early stages, and gaining access to mining requires an invitation. This exclusivity has added to the intrigue surrounding the project, as pioneers and enthusiasts alike aim to participate in its growth. At the time of writing, Pi Network has amassed an impressive community, with over 47 million engaged pioneers (miners). Continue Reading

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