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Pi Network: Price Check reveal that 432π can buy 21 Tesla Model S Car but can only buy one Mercedes Benz (G900)

T.I Ukende
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Paixingshop mall has trended on our news portal for more than three months especially when we reported the listing of Tesla cars on the platform. A report which was heavily criticized with majority of pioneers referring to the publication as absolute scam, fake and misleading.

Today, we have observed keenly the cost of most popular car brands on the digital mall. We observed that, with 432π pioneers can splash on luxury cars in Tesla and Mercedes Benz. Buying a Mercedes-Benz (G900) cost almost the equivalent of buying 21 Tesla Model S cars on the platform.

Mercedes Benz (G900): The most recent Maybach is actually the most costly car on the Paixingshop digital mall as at the time of filling this report with the price tag of 432.5887π, an amount that can actually buy 21 Tesla cars of the Model S series on the same platform. The car Known as celebrity and footballer favorite SUV was designed by Professional Automotive Designer Emre Husmen.

Mercedes Benz G900

Tesla Model S Car: The Tesla Model S electric car is listed on the Paixingshop mall with a price tag of just 20.1023π, an amount that would need approximately 21 of such cars to buy just one Mercedes Benz (G900).

Tesla Model S electric car

The Tesla Model S is the company’s flagship model and a liftback powered by batteries. Although earlier models of the Model S had a rear-motor and rear-wheel drive configuration, the Model S has a dual-motor, all-wheel drive system.

What is Paixingshop mall?

Paixingshop mall is a computerized or digital representation of a real-world shopping center. Most retailers especially merchant pioneers list their products on the digital platform for users who use online payment to quickly view or order their preferred products.

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