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COUNTDOWN: Pi Network predicted to outperform Ethereum in the next 140 days

Pi (π) Network has surprisingly emerged as the ninth most followed crypto in the world with over 1.63 million followers on Twitter, according to a list compiled by WatcherGuru.

Barely thirty three (33) days after the rating, Pi Network’s twitter account is being followed by 270,000 people also believed to be new users of it’s crypto mining platform that may have signed up within the said period, making it’s total followers to be 1.9 million as at the time of filling this report. [irp posts=”11177″ name=”BREAKING: Pi Network is rated the fourth largest crypto network in the world after Coinbase, Binance and”]

Pi Network has grown so fast and if it maintains that rate of twitter followers, it will certainly outshine all the cryptos it was rated alongside.

Comparison with Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is a decentralized and open-source Blockchain with Smart contract functionality. It is a native cryptocurrency platform. Though, second to Bitcoin by both popularity acceptability and market capitalization. [irp posts=”11267″ name=”BREAKING: Elon Musk adopt Pi Network’s idea for his new innovation”]

This crypto was created as far back as 2013, that’s nine years ago and it’s twitter account is followed by only 2.8 million people. Quite sluggish and stagnated growth indeed.

Pi Network however, was officially launched on the 14th of March, 2019 which is just three years old. In just three years, Pi Network has 1.9 million followers on twitter presently.

So by comparing with Ethereum, Pi Network has proven that it has the capacity to outperform or outshine the second giant crypto in the next 140 days.

Wondering how possible?

If in 33 days Pi Network has 270k followers, by following that progression the network will have 1.350 million followers in 165 days, plus the 1.63 million followers it had before and that’s about 2.98 million followers, surpassing Ethereum which still be experiencing stagnated growth rate on the social media platform.

If Pi Network was developed in 2013 like Ethereum, it could have had 4.8 million followers on average, proving that it could have done much more better than Ethereum.


Written by T.I Ukende

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