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Pi Network: Pi Coin reportedly outperformed Binance BNB, DOGE, and SHIBA

On the list of the top 5 most bullish coins on the Atlantis Exchange on the first day of the year, Pi Coin apparently outperformed Binance BNB, DOGE, and SHIBA.

Since the coin was listed on several exchanges, it has soared to an all-time high. Mr. Noble, a Twitter user who carefully tracked the prices of cryptocurrency tokens on the Atlantis Exchange platform, compiled a list of the Atlantis platform’s most bullish coins as follows:

1. PI/BUSD (31,400.0)

2. aBTC/AC  (1,165.0)

3. SHIB/BUSD. (3.52)

4. DOGE/BUSD (97.60)

5. BNB/BUSD (220.0)

6. TRX/BUSD (12.23)

7. ATC/AC (146.14)

A screenshot of the rating

According to a reliable data, the native coin of Pi Network has reportedly reached its highest price since being recently launched on several exchanges closing the day at $35,000. The  highest price it has ever hit since being launched on exchanges and a 17400% increase.

What is Atlantis Exchange?

Atlantis Exchange is one of the few recently developed creative and disruptive trading platforms that has been officially registered by both the United Nations and the US Department of the Treasury. It was developed to systematically address the five issues facing the cryptocurrency sector. Its internal features are 8 UNIQUE, lacking in other bitcoin exchanges. Such events will provide participants with excellent safeguards against various financial risks. All members can maximize their profits by working on Atlantis Exchange every day.


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