Pi Network Mining Rate Sees Slight Dip in November

In a recent update, the Pi Network team announced a slight decrease in the mining rate for November. The new mining rate is 0.0089921 π/hr, down from 0.009540 π/hr in October. This represents a decrease of around 5.75%.

The Pi Network team explained that this decrease is part of the network’s planned decline in mining rewards over time. This decline is designed to help control the supply of Pi and ensure that it remains a valuable asset.

The team also reminded Pioneers that this is just a minor tweak on the journey towards a promising cryptocurrency future. They encouraged Pioneers to keep mining and supporting the network.

Pi Network Mining Rate
Source: Pi Network Mobile App

What does this mean for Pioneers?

While the decrease in mining rate may seem like a setback, it is important to remember that this is part of the Pi Network’s long-term plan. By controlling the supply of Pi, the team is helping to ensure that it remains a valuable asset.

Pioneers can still mine Pi at a significant rate, even with the decreased mining rate. By continuing to mine Pi, Pioneers are helping to secure the network and support its growth.

How to keep up the mining

There are a few things that Pioneers can do to keep up the mining:

  • Make sure that the Pi app is always running on their device.
  • Keep their device connected to the internet.
  • Invite new Pioneers to join the network.
  • Contribute to the Pi Network community by participating in forums and social media.

The Pi Network is still in its early stages of development, but it has already made significant progress. The team is committed to building a sustainable and valuable cryptocurrency. By continuing to mine Pi and support the network, Pioneers can help to make this vision a reality. Read More

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