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Pi Network: Huobi Global proposes to monitor, review and list $Pi as soon as mainnet goes live

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One of the world-leading cryptocurrency trading platform Huobi has proposed to monitor closely all updates from the Pi Network and when Mainnet is launched they will review $Pi and list the Coin for trading on it’s platform.

On Christmas Day, December 25, the significant centralized exchange, Huobi, provided its community with an update via a blog posting, upholding its dedication to follow and support the best cryptocurrency projects for its platform. The project will be reviewed for listing as soon as feasible, Huobi stated, and it will keep an eye on upgrades to the Pi Network mainnet.

“With the positive recommendation of Pi Network’s community, Huobi will follow up closely with Pi Network’s updates regarding the upcoming mainnet launch. Once the main network is upgraded successfully, Pi will be reviewed for listing at the soonest,” the post reads.

There are over 30 million pioneers actively in the Pi Network community. Through its cutting-edge KYC procedure, the network, which is now in the closed mainnet stage, is trying to onboard millions of users. One of the top cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide, Huobi offers all well-known coins and tokens. Without any doubts, Huobi doesn’t want to miss the excitement surrounding the sizable Pi Network.

What is Huobi Global?

Huobi Global is an international digital asset exchange with a presence in over 100 countries. The platform, which was established in China in 2013, works with international clients and offers users all over the world trading and investment services, managing a daily trade volume of over $4 billion.

With over 500 assets and 300 trading pairs listed on the site, the centralized exchange (CEX) offers a broad list of cryptocurrencies and supports initial coin offering (ICO) tokens. Users have access to an insurance coverage to secure their assets, and there are multiple methods for contacting customer assistance available around-the-clock.

The company has offices in Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, and the United States in addition to its Seychelles headquarters.

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