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Despite speculations for Core DAO mainnet launch, Pi Network remains the most promising crypto project in recent times

T.I Ukende
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On social media, there have recently been rumors that the Core DAO will launch its open Mainnet on December 26. The date has arrived, however as of the time this report was being filled out, we were unable to see any updates regarding the launch.

However, there is a clear indication that Pi Network, which is still functioning in its confined mainnet, would continue to perform better than CORE even if the Core DAO open Mainnet is opened.

Prior to the highly anticipated mainnet launch, the Core DAO team reaffirmed that the project’s long-term vision will stay congruent. The Core DAO’s long-term goals include expanding its ecosystem and creating a mutually beneficial partnership with Bitcoin miners.

The Core DAO team reassured users in a blog post from December 15 that everything, including audits and testnet activity, is set up for the mainnet launch. The Satoshi Plus consensus mechanism, which is the most significant development, is prepared for a full deployment with the mainnet. The blog stated that Core DAO is prepared to coordinate with Bitcoin miners in order to utilize the delegated hash power resources of Satoshi Plus.

The Pi Network said on March 15, 2022, that its user base had increased to 33 million, more than doubling from March 20, 2021, when there were just 14 million subscribers.

It would be very difficult to simply remove such a sizable user community with this many active users. Pi Network continues to be the most anticipated cryptocurrency project of the year and, of course, of recent times, despite not yet being operational on the Mainnet.

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