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Pi Network: Four duties of a pioneer and how they can improve their mining efficiency

Users of the Pi Network have four options for improving their mining efficiency. Though voluntary, each function is essential to the Pi ecology.

Users are urged to participate in the ecosystem in whatever way they can while also asking their friends to do the same. The Pi Network experience may be made better for all users by cooperating with one another.

Here, we’ll provide each role in the Pi Network a quick rundown.

A screenshot of the Pi Network roles

The Four Pi Network Roles:

Pioneer (Miners): A user who downloaded the Pi mobile app and confirms that they are not a “robot” by mining Pi every day. Each Pioneer validates their account upon entry.

Contributors (Securers): Pioneers who contribute to the security of Pi Network by joining with other Pioneers to build a trust circle. Aggregated together, the contributors form a global trust security graph for Pi Network.

Nodes (Validators): Pioneers who run a Pi software node on their desktop or laptop computer. Nodes help to validate the consensus of the Pi Network and increase the decentralization of the network. Validators earn an extra Pi mining boost from running a node.

Ambassadors (Distributors): Pioneers who invite others to Pi Network and have them join their mining network. Ambassadors can mine at a higher rate for each person they successfully onboard to Pi Network.

In case you are not aware

The goal of Pi Network, a mobile blockchain mining startup, is to make the cryptocurrency revolution accessible to everyone. A group of Stanford University Ph.D. candidates who created a mobile-friendly blockchain mining algorithm launched the project.

Over the years, Pi Network has developed, hosting a hackathon, creating a few functional Pi blockchain apps, and is currently completing the switch to the mainnet.

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