PI NETWORK: Elon Musk’s Tesla Model Pi smartphone to be available on the pi81 mall early 2023

The rumored Tesla model π smartphone will be launched before the end of 2022. The smartphone once launched will be a tough competition for smartphone companies like Apple, Samsung, and others.

Ever since the news of Tesla Pi Phone launch has been released, people are wondering if it will take on well renowned phones like iPhone. According to several media reports, Tesla Pi Phone will hit the markets in the month of December 2022.[irp]

Pi81 mall also assured pioneers of the phone’s available on the platform early 2023. Those anticipating Elon Musk’s first smartphone are urged to expect Tesla model π on pi81 mall which payments will be accepted only in PiCoin.

Elon Musk owned company has decided to launch its smartphone series after successfully making their place in the cars and space sector.

Users must know that the exact features and specs of Tesla Pi Phone will be revealed at the launch event that will be likely held in the month of December.

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