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Pi Network and CORE still top list of 35 free crypto mining platforms

Pi Network has reportedly topped the list of 35 free crypto mining platforms for three consecutive times in a row always been followed closely by the CORE Mining platform.

In a new list of ranking prepared by @cyfren for the performance of 35 free crypto mining platforms in the first week of October this year, shows that Pi Network has added 112,800 twitter followers to it’s previous 1.8 million followers bringing the number to 1.912,800 followers in the first week of October.

In the same spirit, the CORE Mining platform has also reached one million followers on twitter. In a short period of time, CORE Mining platform has surprisingly reached one million followers on twitter and this is actually a prove of hard work irrespective of the strategy they might have employed.

In the ranking which considered several data sources including social media followers, South Korean Naver search queries and growth rate. Pi Network emerged first with 0% growth rate, 96,200 Naver search and 1,912,800 twitter followers while being followed by CORE Mining platform with 5% growth rate, 13,530 Naver search and 1,016,700 twitter followers respectively.[irp]

Others are Sweatcoin, Bee Network, Eagle Network, Cheat Moon, Remint, the Mars, Bitcoin legend and star Network which occupied the top ten blocks with decreasing order of Naver searches.

In case you are not aware

  • Naver is a search engine in South Korea that is even more popular than google. Designed primarily in Korean language but can be switched to English if need be, it is accessible at

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