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Pi Chain Mall to Launch Real Pi Withdrawal Function

T.I Ukende
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Users of Pi Chain Mall (PCM), the biggest market on Pi Network, have been informed about its withdrawal feature for vendors. Pioneers will soon have the ability to remove Pi from PCM.

The feature will be live this week, according to a Twitter thread for the protocol on January 30. However, the group made no mention of a specific day.

Users who want to withdraw Pi from the platform must set up a 2FA key and undergo email verification. Instructions for setting up and verifying a 2FA key with Google Authenticator may be found in PCM’s tweet.

Users are permitted to withdraw 50 Pi each day during the withdrawal test period. The PCM team added that work is being done on a “Merchant Verification Mechanism.” Pioneers will be able to withdraw thousands of Pi per day after this is finished.

In other announcements, PCM will begin offering Pioneers customer service on February 1st.

Keep in mind to adhere to the thread’s instructions for setting up Google Authenticator’s 2FA key and verifying your email.

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