OpenEx partners with Core DAO to build Web3 Exchanges

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The goal of OpenEx, a newly developed protocol for CORE, is to supply and create the next generation of Web3 exchanges for trading cryptocurrencies.

Verifiably, the OpenEx Protocol will provide low fees, deep liquidity, additional rewards, and quick transactions in addition to offering secure, quick, and transparent exchanges across the CORE blockchain.

OpenEx also offers the following features:

  • Low Fees, No Gas Costs: You won’t have to pay transaction fees to miners when you deposit to Layer 2.
  • Rapid Transactions: Trades are carried out immediately and verified on the blockchain in a few of minutes.
  • Swift Withdrawals: Unlike other platforms, Layer 2 does not require a waiting period before allowing you to withdraw your money.
  • OpenEx completely updated its exchange to be used on any device, making it mobile friendly.
  • Unmatched order book liquidity is known as deep liquidity. To trade most effectively, keep slippage to a minimum.
  • Trustless Environment: No intermediaries required. Start trading by simply connecting your DeFi wallet. Web3 dApps are notable for their trust and permissionless characteristics. Decentralization and transparency are two strategies for achieving this. Based on these principles, OpenEX has increased efficiency to the same degree as CEX in an effort to develop the web3 exchanges of the future. OEX

In a recent tweet by @openex_network said:

We can see the assets and txn records of all addresses on the blockchain. So how to protect privacy? Like L1, the $OEX protocol only preserves the anonymity of private keys and addresses, and everything else is open and transparent. This is the foundation of decentralized trust.

Based on the decentralization and efficiency of the CoreDao blockchain, the new $OEX protocol will be launched on the testnet soon. And Airdrop rewards will be given to $CORE holders after mainnet version goes live. Welcome to participate in the testing of the beta version.”

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