To quell the rising panic among N-Power Batch C shortlisted candidates, the National Social Investment Management Systems (NASIMS) has apologised for the inconveniences, suing for patience.

Candidates say that while trying to log into their accounts, messages such as “no BVN data” or “invalid” pop up, leaving them unable to access their dashboards.

Although, not all candidates experience such log-in issues, however, those who do have lodged their complaints with NASIMS and have promptly gotten a response.

In a short message, NASIMS said that those who get the “invalid” message of “no BVN data” should be assured that their BVN has been “validated”.

It urged shortlisted candidates to ignore such messages and retry, as it could be due to network issues.

NASIMS said, “We sincerely apologize for the issues. This may be due to Network Issues. Kindly disregard the No BVN data on your Profile.

“Please note that your BVN has been validated on our self-service portal as you have no cause to worry.”

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