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Lumi vs US Dollar, Euro, Pound, Rand, Cedi, Shilling and Naira exchange rate today

The African Kingdoms Lumi (AKL) is the official currency of the African Diaspora Sixth Region (ECO-6), though formerly issued by the Bank of Acompoong for the Acompoong Malloon Territory since 2014 before being adopted by the Economic Community of the Sixth African Region (ECO-6) in 2019. The is now issued by the African Diaspora Central Bank (ADCB).

The is now the most strongest currency in the world. The concept behind the creation of the Lumi currency is very different from other fiat currencies which are mostly pegged against the US Dollar. The Lumi Currency is pegged against four grains of gold, a prescious stone. What this implies is that, for as long as the price of gold remained soared, the value of Lumi will proportionally keeps surging as the case may be.[irp posts=”8375″ ]

The value of the Lumi currency today has significantly increased against the world’s popular currencies trading in the following rates:

  • 1 Lumi = N6,942.6 (Nigerian Naira)
  • 1 Lumi = $15.96 (US Dollar)
  • 1 Lumi= R285.21 (SA Rand)
  • 1 Lumi= S120.85 (Kenyan Shilling)
  • 1 Lumi= €16.12 (Euro)
  • 1 Lumi= £14.20 (British Pound)
  • 1 Lumi= GHC166.78 (Ghana Cedis)

The statistical figures above are based on the data evaluated from the “Swifin Transact” platform since the Lumi currency just commenced enforcement of it’s Exchange Rate Mechanism ERM this month.

In case you are not aware

  • The LUMI is the official currency for the Economic Community of the African Diaspora 6th Region. It is issued by the Africa Diaspora Central Bank (ADCB) and its member state financial institutions. In January of 2021, it was integrated by the African Finance Regulatory Authority (AFRA) Commission as legal tender for continental Africa.
  • Lumi is a digital currency as well as banknotes. A digital currency is an electronic representation of money which is transacted through the internet and other electronic mechanisms.
  • The name LUMI is from the word LUMINOUS symbolising the Sun (Ra). The currency is backed by solar energy and gold. Solar energy is the best source of energy for Africa’s economic development and environmental protection mandate.


Written by T.I Ukende

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