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LUMI CURRENCY: ADCB Governor gives encouraging speech at the one year anniversary celebration of the Lumi currency

T.I Ukende
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His Royal Highness Chief Dr. Timothy Elisha McPherson has assured Lumi currency Stimulus beneficiaries of the brighter future ahead having experienced a great progressive transformation of the Lumi currency within its first year.

He gave the assurance in the city of Accra, Ghana, through a virtual conference marking the one year celebration of the Lumi currency on the 29th of September 2021. 

McPherson highlighted some of the transformational efforts and progress achieved within this one year. He said;

“When we first started this stimulus in 2020, it was nothing less than a tsunami. Tsunami of hope, tsunami of aspirations and tsunami of economic transformation and innovation”.

“That tsunami has touched the civil society, the corporate community, governments around Africa and the Diaspora and as well as the global community. It has also touched our ancestors now that we are involved in the transformation of our economic mentality we are also involved in the spiritually transformative movement”.

He said he has been off the airways in the past five months, this is because he was involved in the transformational engagement with various governments around the continent of Africa.

The promotional your according to McPherson began in the Central Africa Economic Community in the Republic of Cameroon. He said, “in Cameroon we took the Audacious step of engaging the Port in Douala. We successfully contacted with the Port’s Authority to invest in the equivalency value of $2bn which will be issued in our currency (the Lumi) for the transformation and development of Port Douala”.

The envoy moved from the Republic of Cameroon to Congo still within the Central Africa Economic Community. In Congo, the ADCB Governor said they captured yet another Port, in Pointe Noire where they will be investing $5bn worth of Lumi. 

Watch and listen from the video below;

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