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Lumi conversion: Beneficiaries may have to pay a fee to be able to transact on the Swifin e-store

T.I Ukende
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After almost two years of waiting for the conversion of the Lumi currency by users of the Swifin digital platform, here comes an uncalled constraint.

Swifin digital platform has reportedly demanded it’s users or Lumi stimulus beneficiaries to sign-up with a fee in order to transact on the platform. This is literally conversion of the currency, buy with this currency is as good as converting it to a usable asset.

A careful observation has shown that already users in South Africa are mandated to use their credit or debit cards to sign-up on the e-store and choose a befitting plan to be able to buy desired products on the platform.

This ought to have been celebrated as another way to use the Lumi currency but then paying an upfront fee to be able to shop on the platform is totally unjust.

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The Founder of the platform Dr. Etube had promised before hand the year 2022 will be a fulfilment of a lot of promises made in the first year of the stimulus. These includes transacting with the Lumi currency on the platform, integration of the Lumi currency into national Economies and finally the conversion of the currency.

Swifin Users have longed for this privilege but to pay an upfront fee may be challenging. 

Meanwhile, Lumi currency has continued to soar high against local fiat currencies in Africa today.

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