Eco-6 Update: Swifin’s new community portal temporary down

ECO-6 Lumi currency stimulus payment platform the Swifin has temporary gone out of service for the first time since it’s migration to a new portal this year.

This is the second time Swifin Users are face frustration accessing their accounts due to service outage.

NewsWay believes this could be as a result of the integration of other convertible currencies going on the portal at the moment. The integrated currencies includes US Dollar, UK pound, European Regional currency Euro, Polish PLN and South African Rand.

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Conversion/withdrawal of the Lumi currency 

Conversion of the Lumi currency will take place just as promised by the Swifin’s Founder Dr. Linus Etube. Etube said, the as the year 2022 progresses we will be seeing positive changes including the conversion and withdrawal of the Lumi currency. 

Many beneficiaries of the Lumi stimulus believed they have been scammed since withdrawal of the stimulus is ineffective.

Etube also assured of massive transaction of the currency on the Swifin platform between P2P (peer to peer) or be Organization to individual or vice versa.

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