Local Government System is dead, says Buhari


As Nigeria is about to celebrate another year of uninterrupted Democracy, The President highlighted some of the major challenges being faced by his administration and the victories achieved so far.

Speaking in an interview at the State House Abuja Mr. President spoke primarily on the level of insecurity and measures taken to reduce the challenges.

One of the important things to note in the interview is the devolution of powers most especially at the state level. One of the journalist asked the president if plans were underway to devolve powers from the Governors to the local government Chairmen, the president simply said;


Governors have all the powers to themselves. 

President Muhammadu Buhari stressed this when he was  interviewed by a team of journalist in the state house Abuja on thursday. The Chairman editorial board of This Day newspaper Mr. Segun Adeniyi asked the president steps were underway to devolve powers from the governors to the Local Government Chairmen.

The president responded giving an instant where a Local government Chairman will sign papers proving he has collected N300m but after the paper work only N100m would be released to him.

He went on to say a lot injustice has been done to the local government which has lead to underdevelopment. The President lamented over the level at which governors were were not being fair to their counterparts at the local government level and promised to make a change subsequently

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