NEED LOAN TO START A PETTY TRADE? Borrow from these platforms.


Times are hard, no doubt but life must go on. Many people blamed the Buhari lead government for unleashing hardship on Nigerians, many believed insecurity and lack of proper economic planning is responsible for the hardship.

Irrespective of the turbulence times we are facing, many people wish to start a trade in order to feed their families and pay certain important bills. 

There are many loan platforms where you can request for a small loan and have it in your account within few minutes. Though some of the apps may rather throw you into a circle of debts but there are still other genuine ones that can give you a reasonable time to trade with the money before paying back on due days. The following loan apps are genuine and doesn’t require any fee or collateral.

• Fairmoney: this app is genuine and requires no paper work for the application process. All you need is BVN and the phone number linked to your BVN. When applying, make sure you input correct order of names as they appear on your BVN. Here the bank alerts in your phone plays a vital role to determine your offer. Loan amount may be between N1500 to N500,000.

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• Renmoney: Renmoney initially were accepting loan applications only from Federal Civil Servants, only recently they began to accept and give loans to business owners and private sector workers. Loan amount ranges between N6000 to N6m and repayment period is between a month to 12 months.

• Carbon: Formerly called paylater, carbon is a lending platform. This app may be linked once to an Android device, once linked to a device and loans are taken by a person through that same device, it can not be unlinked unless the loan is repayed. One can borrow up to N5m but with gradual increase. 

• Branch: Another platform to borrow money now is the branch app. Once your phone number is verified you are in. You can borrow up to N2m when you gradually repay your loan on time. 

• Haloocredit: Initially this platform was difficult dealing with, but recently policies have changed and applications are reviewed and decisions made within 3minutes. When you pay your loan on time, your loan limit will automatically be increased.

More of these apps will be updated later, please share to inform others as well. Every body needs to have something doing.

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