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JUST IN: PiScrow to participate in the forthcoming hackathon

Two utility platforms from the Pi Network ecosystem have signed up to take part in the upcoming Pi Network hackathon, which will start on January 9th.

Recall that NewsWay reported the participation of PiBridge in the hackathon yesterday, which offered prizes of $30,000 for the winner, $15,000 for the runner-up, and $2000 for mentioning, among others.

According to the Pi Core Team’s official release, the hackathon will officially start on January 9 and end on February 26.

The Pi Hackathon is expected to draw interest from several projects. Within the community of around 38 million people, there already exists a robust ecosystem of stores, games, and other enterprises. There are various motivations for the community to construct and produce in order to prepare for the Open Mainnet.

Piscrow is a blockchain-based escrow service that allows for the secure P2P exchange of pi.

Piscrow is like a traditional escrow, PiCoin is initially held on behalf of two other parties who are carrying out a transaction. Each party must certify that the transaction has been successfully completed before the Pi amount is given to the seller.

Piscrow consist of four members believed to be Blockchain Technology experts.

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