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JUST IN: MainNet Explorer for the Satoshi Core Chain has just been launched

The developers are currently working uptime to build up the initial Validator Nodes for the Satoshi Core Chain’s MainNet Explorer before moving forward with further announcements regarding the Airdrop distribution procedure via the Satoshi app, once the continuing post-mainnet development is finished.

Remember how the @Coredao Org stated in a Medium article that only 2.1 billion CORE tokens will ever exist since the hard supply cap is designed to make Core as inflation resistant as possible, and that CORE holders have tremendous responsibility for maintaining and managing the Core network.

Only 25% of the airdropped token allocations will be made available to users (participants), with the remaining 75% of the balance unlocking over the course of two years. #CoreDAO will outline the process for theTo be clear, the block “Explorer” is an online blockchain browser that displays information about every transaction taking place on the network. You can paste any CORE address or hash (Txid: Transaction ID) into Core Chain Explorer to access information. It is a public blockchain because of this.

As there hasn’t been any official notification for mainnet, this publication is exclusively for informative purposes only and does not advise Core Chain Users to begin importing the Core Chain MainNet codes on their MetaMask. Every piece of data that Explorer displays is still in the post-mainnet development stage.


Written by T.I Ukende

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