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JUST IN: Core DAO Announce Integration with Layer Zero

In order to promote blockchain interoperability to the network, Core DAO has announced its integration with LayerZero.

The LayerZero interoperability protocol for Omnichain was developed by LayerZero Labs. Through the partnership, Core DAO will be able to communicate with other blockchains. The move will additionally enable the Core chain to connect other digital assets to its network. On January 24, Core DAO made the integration public through Twitter. The protocol also made information on the advancement available on Medium.

LayerZero provides the framework for scalable, secure, and decentralized cross-chain interoperability. By connecting various chains to one platform and interface, multi-chain applications may be able to conveniently communicate, transfer digital assets, and reach consensus,” Core DAO wrote.

Developers can easily integrate additional chains into their products and improve user experience with this connection. In order to link their Core chain smart contracts to various networks, protocols will also be able to incorporate LayerZero’s cross-chain messaging.

The Satoshi Plus consensus made a calculated decision to work with LayerZero and Core DAO in order to advance cross-chain contact and communication. The integration gives Core a head start on spreading its use cases throughout the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector.


Written by Priscilla O. Anthony

Anthony Priscilla is passionate about societal growth, business and politics. she stared a research about Digital marketing and it's Elasticity in 2019 which is still in progress.

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