JUST IN: Atlantis Exchange opens Pi (Pi Network) trading pair with BUSD; limits daily withdrawal per user to $10 million

According to reports, Pi Network coin was listed for trading as a BUSD-pair on January 1st on Atlantis, a recently built unique and disruptive trading platform.

Additionally, the cryptocurrency trading platform has announced a $10,000,000 daily withdrawal cap per member, citing Pi Network’s enclosed mainnet as justification.

The Pi Coin has apparently been listed for trading on Atlantis, which makes it the seventh cryptocurrency trading platform to do so. Atlantis is also the first to list the coin this year (2023) and the first to pair it with BUSD, as all other platforms that have listed Pi have done so with USDT.

The official announcement was issued on December 30th, 2022 through a blog post and it reads in part:

“Atlantis Exchange is pleased to announce that its Global platform at https://atlantiscex.com will be opening the trading of Pi Network (Symbol: PI) on January 1, 2023. 12:00 AM UTC, based on the trading pair of PI/BUSD.”

Furthermore, it is stated that Atlantis Exchange will follow Pi Network’s progress with regard to the formal launch of the PI blockchain because Pi’s own blockchain is still being developed and is not yet accessible to the general public. All registered Atlantis members will be able to deposit and withdraw PI up to that time, with a daily withdrawal cap of US$10,000,000 per member. As soon as they become accessible in the near future, the opening date(s) will be disclosed.

Key points to Note

  • Atlantis exchange has announced the listing of Pi Coin trading pair with BUSD on new year day January 1st, limiting withdrawals per user to US$10 million.
  • Pi Network is a novel cryptocurrency and developer platform that allows mobile users to mine Pi tokens without draining the device’s battery. For more information on Pi, see its official website at: https://minepi.com.
  • Atlantis Exchange is ONE of the FEW newly-developed innovative and disruptive trading platforms lawfully-registered with the U.S. department of the Treasury and the United Nations. It is designed to systematically resolve the 5 pain points in the crypto world. It has 8 UNIQUE internal functions that other crypto exchanges do not have. Such functions will provide its members with profound protections against various risks to lose money. Accordingly, all members may maximize their profits by working on Atlantis Exchange everyday.

SOURCE: Atlantis Blog

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