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IceCreamSwap has integrated the token lock feature into its decentralized ecosystem

Grace Owell
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The token lock function has been incorporated by IceCreamSwap into its decentralized ecosystem. The leading Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on the Core chain cares about the security of user cash.

By allowing projects to lock their liquidity and tokens on the platform, token locks help to increase confidence and decrease fraud in the Core ecosystem. In an interview with BSC News, IceCreamSwap provided more information about the protocol’s intention to safeguard users through the functionality through the team’s spokesman, Simon.

The token locker will protect our users. Projects can and should lock their token allocations on our new lock where users can check themselves about the quantity of locked tokens, which greatly reduces potential scams as well as increases users’ trust in a project,” Simon wrote to BSC News. “Our locker lets users see all locks on a specific token which they can select from a neat token selector (instead of the need to input token addresses), allows the locking of liquidity, and has vesting capabilities to slowly release the locked tokens instead of releasing them all at once.” 

IceCreamSwap has collaborated with DxSale, a decentralized launchpad for numerous chains, by integrating the token lock feature. The cooperation enables the launchpad to use IceCreamSwap as its underlying DEX on the Core chain, allowing protocols to begin presales. Now that the token lock is functioning, protocols can quickly introduce Core-based projects using DxSale and IceCreamSwap as the DEX.

In addition to trading, bridging, farming, and other prospects, IceCreamSwap is developing a multi-chain product suite. Protocols for the blockchain have already begun to enter its ecosystem. The most recent is AICore, which collaborated to establish a staking pool that will provide customers with passive income at acceptable annual percentage yields (APY).

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