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Huobi announces strategic partnership with CORE DAO after listing it token

Huobi, a major international exchange for digital assets, today announced a strategic collaboration with Core Dao, a Layer-1 blockchain powered by Satoshi Plus, a dual consensus algorithm that uses Delegated Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work. On the Huobi platform, the CORE token and trade pair CORE/USDT are presently accessible. Huobi and Core Dao will collaborate in technical support, community co-governance, ecological advocacy, and other areas as part of this strategic alliance, seeking to give users a more decentralized consensus and build a more dependable underlying blockchain infrastructure.

We are excited about having a strategic partnership with a leading big exchange like Huobi, and eager to discuss more future plans together.

Core DAO contributor CJ Reim said:

Core is focused on removing obstacles and expanding access. Huobi’s commitment and team’s dedication to listing the token is important in helping users participate in the ecosystem while our collective work in supporting projects helps ensure we’re attracting the best ideas, and the best people to bring them to fruition.”

Since Core DAO’s mainnet launch on January 13th, it has piqued the interest of developers, users, and exchanges all around the world. Airdrops of CORE tokens to more than 1.2 million users were just launched by Core DAO. One of the major exchanges, Huobi, also announced the initial listing of the CORE token on its platform. Huobi will continue to collaborate closely with the Core founding team to develop upcoming projects.

What is Core DAO?

Core is a Turing-complete blockchain that uses a fusion of bitcoin mining hash arithmetic and Ether Virtual Machine (EVM). It adopts the Satoshi Plus consensus mechanism and fuses Bitcoin PoW and Ether DPoS to maintain decentralization while avoiding the trade-offs in the PoW consensus system, solving the triangular dilemma of decentralization, security and scalability. The Core will become the core of the Web3 universe in the future, serving as the underlying infrastructure to support and develop this new world. Core Dao is also focused on building its network with the bitcoin miner community. Many early-stage bitcoin miners entrust their hashes to the Core network and receive CORE tokens through shared computing power.

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