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How to use life insurance to get rich (become your bank)

Abigail Ukende
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Life insurance is often Associated with death. What your family stands to gets After your passing but After reading this Article you’ll realize A lot more about insurance policy.

Let’s teach you how you can get rich without embarking on that endless search for a loan platform in order borrow to tackle your personal needs or to start your own investment. How to get rich with your own insurance from your company.

Many people are not Aware of the possibility of getting a loan from their insurance company. Wondering if that is possible? Let’s show you. Yes! It is possible All Around the globe but before we start, I’ll like you to know that This is only possible when you have an insurance policy.

Facts about insurance loans

  • This is not your regular loan this is because it doesn’t Affect your credit and also because you do not need to go through any Approval of any sort because there is no need for credit checks.
  • You do not need to explain to anyone your reason for the loan collection.
  • The decision on what you intend to do with the loan is up to you.
  • The interest rate is way lesser than the Traditional bank loans.

Do I have to repay a loan?

Yes, you will have to repay your insurance loan but the interest and payment is flexible. You are not mandated to pay back monthly but irrespective of that, you will have to pay back in a timely manner as to avoid interest been Added to your balance

Insurance companies in Nigeria, ensure that several repayment opportunities are provided for their clients. This is to ensure that the loan is fully repaid and to prevent laps.

Life insurance policy is a tremendous way to get a loan from your insurance company. However, this is not a financial Advice. it is important to repay at timely manner. This is to avoid reducing your death benefit or even paying more. If you would like to know more you can contact your insurance company to know more.


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