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How to Make Money on Jumia and Amazon” as a student in Nigeria.

T.I Ukende
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Jumia and Amazon are online retail shops that offers e-commerce marketplaces which deals in a variety of products or goods ranging from electronics, dresses, housewares, jewelries, office and house appliances, sells books, movies, music, toys etc to millions of customers across Nigeria. 

They (Jumia & Amazon) provide quality goods in a more convenient way through the internet. It is worthy of mention that these e-commerce marketplaces have numerous benefits including but not limited to the following; it decongest the physical stores, it is also a marketplace where merchants and customers are connected from far and near, it saves customers the risk of traveling far distances and accidents etc thereby presenting a more guaranteed, secured environment for transactions. But most significantly is that, these online retail shops apart from selling, they also provide opportunity for people in general, particularly, students to make money.

How Students can Make Money with Jumia and Amazon

1. Jumia and Amazon Affiliate Program

What this mean is simply that you promote Jumia/Amazon products using your affiliate link by registering as an affiliate. This will attract a reasonable commission of about 10%. There are many ways to do this. One of the ways is  through:

 1. Affiliate Marketing in form of;

Blog Review: here, you simply create a review blog around Jumia’s product randomly especially using a nitche product. Example of a nitche product are those of similar nature such as laptops, phones etc. Choose your interest area and write review around the product bearing in mind that your affiliate link is connected to the review blog. By this, Jumia will pay you handsomely monthly..

2. Affiliate Shop: Another way of making money with jumia is by creating a functional online shop. Add Jumia products pictures you desire to display on your store, while you pin them with your affiliate links for customers to see. By so doing, your  customers will be asked to checkout on Jumia once they click the product on your website. The interesting aspect of it all is that, you can sell your products and  get paid by Jumia when people buy it through your affiliate link.

3. Selling Your Personal Made Goods: Using Jumia e-store to sell your products is another way of making money, it does not require a seller’s account. If your product is of quality,  and unique, you have less competitors leading to high income.

4. Deliver Amazon parcels at your free time and this can guarantee you income.

5. Publish eBooks on Kindle: Writing online books on Amazon is another way of making money. This could take the form of a fiction or non-fiction, articles, journals etc, during one’s free time. 

The above constitute ways through which students can make money on Jumia and Amazon. Students should be familiar with digital literacy since this would boost their income level.

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