How to Complete Avive Phase 1 KYC & Boost Token Claim with Phase 2 Engagement

Completing your Phase 1 KYC before proceeding to Phase 2 is crucial for maximizing your token claim. Why? Your Phase 2 KYC score, heavily influenced by your involvement and participation in the Avive ecosystem, determines the number of tokens you can ultimately secure.

So, how do you score big? Here are some key factors that contribute to your Phase 2 evaluation:

  1. Avive Points & OKX KYC Status: Rack up Avive Points through active participation and ensure your OKX KYC is complete to earn brownie points from the get-go.
  2. Geospatial Verification & Referral Metrics & Social Networking Authenticity: Prove your real-world presence and network within the Avive community. Genuine referrals and active social media engagement will go a long way.
  3. Wallet Balance & Transaction History: Show your commitment to the ecosystem by holding Avive tokens and participating in platform transactions.
  4. NFT Ownership (e.g., AviveGenesisNFT , AviveProfile, AviveNewMoon, AviveVibe and other PODF collections): Being an early adopter and supporter of Avive’s various NFT collections like AviveGenesisNFT and AviveNewMoon will definitely play in your favor.

Remember, these factors work together to build your overall KYC score and ultimately determine your token allocation. The more actively you engage and contribute to the Avive ecosystem, the higher your chances of securing a larger token claim.

Dive deeper into Avive, participate in platform activities, and showcase your dedication to the project. This not only benefits you with a potentially bigger token reward but also helps shape the future of the Avive community. Let’s make the most of this exciting Phase 2 together.

Additional Tips:

  • Review the Phase 2 KYC evaluation criteria in detail for a comprehensive understanding of the scoring system.
  • Stay updated on Avive’s official channels for the latest announcements and engagement opportunities.
  • Connect with other Avive community members and build your network for mutual benefit.

Maximize your token claim and become an integral part of the thriving Avive ecosystem! The future of decentralized finance awaits. Read Similar Story

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