Avive Launch Ambitious Testnet on Arbitrum in Pursuit of Decentralized Social Leadership

Avive World, boasting a thriving community of 8 million users across 130 countries, has launched its testnet on the high-flying Arbitrum platform. This marks a significant step towards Avive’s ambitious goal of becoming a leading force in the burgeoning decentralized social space.

Choosing Arbitrum as its launchpad wasn’t a random decision. Arbitrum offers a compelling trifecta of advantages for Avive’s ambitious vision:

  1. Openness and Inclusion: Developers on Arbitrum enjoy the freedom to work with Rust, C, and C++ alongside traditional EVM-compatible languages. This open approach fosters innovation and attracts talent from diverse programming backgrounds.
  2. Transaction Costs that Don’t Sting: In the world of crypto, high fees can be a major turn-off. Arbitrum shines with transactions costing mere fractions of a cent, making Avive’s platform accessible to a broader audience.
  3. Efficiency Unleashed: Stylus, Arbitrum’s cutting-edge technology, swaps clunky EVM bytecode for WASM, resulting in a mind-blowing 10x and 100x improvement in computation and memory efficiency, respectively. This translates to a smoother, faster experience for Avive’s users.

“We’re thrilled to partner with AltLayer to bring our decentralized social vision to life on Arbitrum,” says the Avive development team. “Their RaaS solutions streamline on-chain development, guaranteeing rock-solid data availability, scalability, and lightning-fast transaction speeds.”

AltLayer’s robust building ecosystem, encompassing all major industry stacks, further bolsters Avive’s infrastructure. This ensures a high degree of interoperability and customization, paving the way for a vibrant and dynamic decentralized social landscape.

Avive’s launch on the Arbitrum testnet opens a window of opportunity for early adopters to test-drive the platform and contribute to its evolution. For the broader crypto community, it’s a chance to witness firsthand the rise of a potentially game-changing player in the decentralized social arena.

With its impressive user base, strategic tech partnerships, and commitment to building on a powerful platform like Arbitrum, Avive is poised to take the world of decentralized social by storm. Stay tuned, as the testnet launch is just the first chapter in what promises to be a captivating story. Continue Reading

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