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How the listing of PiCoin may affect three ecosystem utility Applications of the Pi Network

There has been a lot of controversy around the listing of the Pi, a native token of the Pi Network, particularly within the Pi community. Some people were quite happy that the coin they had been mining for more than three years would now have a value. Although the listing of the coin, which is expected to happen after the mainnet launch, caused the development team of the project to react adversely because it would disrupt the project’s road map.

The relisting of the token would have a severe impact on several of the Pi Network’s ecosystem utility applications, especially the online marketplaces (Pi barter mall, Pi chain Mall, Paixingshop etc).

The value of the coin on exchanges will have an impact on these online markets. For instance, before the Pi was listed on trading platforms, the prices of the products listed on those online stores were lower than their alleged values. This is no longer the case. The price of the Tesla Model S has been advertised on Paixingshop, and if it were converted at the typical rate of 1:100, it would only be worth about $2000 and would never be sold even by the manufacturer.

To ensure that the product prices are equivalent to the current value of Pi, they might need to change them.


Written by T.I Ukende

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