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Government banned NURTW activities–Report

T.I Ukende
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Church Street, Idumota, Lagos State

The Lagos State Government has reported an endless suspension of exercises of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) at Eyin Eyo, Church Street, and Idumota Bridge in Lagos Island.

The boycott by the state government follows the new savage conflicts by 2 groups of the vehicle association around there where there were accounted for setbacks and harmed people.

This was spread the word about by the Special Adviser to the Lagos State Governor on Transportation, Oluwatoyin Fayinka, at a partners meeting including NURTW, Central Business District, CBD, and Lagos State Market Women Association (Iya Oloja General and Iya Oloja of Lagos Island) held at Alausa, Ikeja, to address the emergency regularly brought about by exercises of transport endorsers.

Fayinka said that the boycott was to forestall further demonstrations of savagery in that pivot, adding that the Lagos State Parks Monitoring Authority will continue work at Eyin Eyo.

Fayinka expressed that the Rapid Response Squad, RRS, has been coordinated to send Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) on Idumota Bridge to prevent drivers from driving against traffic in consistence with traffic rules and guidelines.

He said that the RRS are additionally expected to uphold the suspension of the NURTW inside the pivot and at the same time flush out the Oju Opake young men hiding along Plaza around Church Street hub.

Likewise suspended are the exercises of the vehicle association at Church Street and John Street, especially Keke Marwa and Mini Buses (Korope).

Fayinkaa said, “State security agents are thusly placed watching out for potential threats to guarantee wellbeing and security of lives and properties in Lagos Island and environs.”

Talking at the event, the Iya Oloja, Lagos Island, Alhaja Risikat Odumosu, appreciated the activity taken by the Lagos State Governor, just as communicated her dismay at the wanton plundering and obliteration of their products in looks around Idumota region.

She engaged the state government to act the hero, adding that they won’t remain back and watch their properties obliterated by scoundrels.

Review that a couple of days prior, there was a destructive conflict between 2 groups of the NURTW at the Idumota area of

Lagos Island, with 2 individuals dreaded dead and a few properties annihilated.

The 2 groups, Eyo young men, allegedly faithful to an association chief known as Kunle Poly, and Kosoko young men – have been in constant disagreement over control of an area in the clamoring business focus with the Eyo young men, answered to expect the Kosoko young men gathering demands from business transport drivers on Idumota Bridge to make returns, yet all the same the last option declined.

The Lagos State Rapid Response Squad later reported the capture of unmistakable individuals from the NURTW in the state, Kunle Poly and Sego, over their supposed association in the conflict.

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