Geckoterminal tracking more than 100 tokens launched on the CORE Blockchain

Here is how to follow the more than 100 tokens that have debuted on the CORE Blockchain using Geckoterminal with the supporting DEX @icecream swap.

It is possible to learn about the coins’ liquidity, trading activity, market capitalization, and prices with this real-time (live) tracker.


With the help of CORE, many cryptocurrency newbies learned how to use Metamask’s various features, track assets using the Core Blockchain Explorer, and understand the advantages of delegating (or “staking”) to validators. Never restrict yourself to a few things, and never let your specialized expertise stand up for universal truth.

Here is a solution for cryptocurrency fans who frequently have problems with the MetaMask program. To access the MetaMask extension, download the Mises Browser. Given the Mises DevTeam’s commitment to app security and to establishing relationships with other projects, we feel compelled to make this advice public.

It could appear technical or difficult to use the extension to access your MetaMask wallet for the first time, but if you give it some time, you’ll probably find it intriguing and helpful. For additional information, visit their Twitter page at @Mises001. They have also integrated the majority of projects and wallets inside their extension for convenience.

Additionally, their native token on the blockchain is $MIS, which they also Airdrop to new users of their app (Details Here), but the DevTeam is currently more focused on developing and providing services to address issues, and they’ve also mentioned that their new WhitePaper (Roadmap) will be accessible soon (no date yet). Simply use the app to explore as the DevTeam quietly continues to work. Another way to be getting more of the $MIS is by Delegating the one u got via the Airdrop to any active validator of your choice. Still not a difficult task though, just explore the app and learn more.


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