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Fans worried as Man U heads down to relegation

T.I Ukende
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Fans worried as Man U heads down to relegation

Man U fans all over the world are very worried as the new season proceeds with loses for the the red devils.
This is the first time in the history of the club been found in the league table position that may likely throw them to relegation if measures are not in place to avert the danger.
Some of the club’s die hard fans now regrets why the management of the club sacked José Mourinho. They said the former manager of the club did much better by putting the club in proper position they deserve in the league table.
The club sold their best striker (Lukaku) retaining only Rashford, but Rashford is too young and can’t handle the attacking line alone. He needs assistance. The current manager of the club, Ole Gunner had been expressing disappointment over the recent attitudes of some of the players which was why he wanted a complete replacement of the squad.the red devils managed to secure a 1-1 draw with Liverpool in previous weekend, and are looking forward to facing Norwich City on the 27th of October.

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