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Survey shows pioneers prefer Core Team to prioritize open mainnet to KYC deployment

Angela Beckham
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The Pi Core Team has a lot of exciting opportunities to explore in the first quarter of 2023. Among these opportunities, KYC/MASS KYC, OPEN MAINNET/EXCHANGES, PI PRICE/PI VALUE, and PI APPS/ PI DAPPS are particularly noteworthy. It is clear that the Pi Core Team should prioritize these areas in order to maximize the potential of the Pi Network.

First and foremost, the Pi Core Team should prioritize KYC/MASS KYC. This process is essential for the Pi Network to grow and become more widely accepted. It will also allow users to feel more secure and confident in their transactions. Additionally, it will help to protect the integrity of the Pi Network by ensuring that all users are legitimate.

The Pi Core Team should also prioritize OPEN MAINNET/EXCHANGES. This is a key step in allowing the Pi Network to become more widely available and accessible. It will also open up more opportunities for users to trade and transact with the Pi Network. Additionally, it will help to increase the liquidity of the Pi Network, allowing users to more easily convert their Pi into other currencies.

The Pi Core Team should prioritize PI PRICE/PI VALUE. This is an important factor in determining the success of the Pi Network. By monitoring the price of Pi, the Pi Core Team can ensure that the value of the Pi Network remains stable and attractive to users. Besides, they can use this information to make decisions on how to best use the Pi Network in order to maximize its potential.

But according to the online public opinion poll conducted on Twitter, the result revealed that among the four priorities, Open Mainnet/Exchangers is the most prioritized by the pioneers. This is followed by KYC/Mass KYC, Pi Price/Pi Value and Pi Apps/ Pi Dapps respectively.

  • KYC/MASS KYC. 43.7%
  • PI APPS/ PI DAPPS. 2.8%

However, the Pi Core Team decided to prioritize the least considered priority, that is, Pi Apps/ Pi Dapps, as evidenced by the recent Hackathon exercise.

The Reasons why the Core Team prioritize Pi Apps/Pi Dapps

This decision is commendable, as the development of Pi Apps/Pi Dapps is essential for the long-term success of the Pi Network. By encouraging the development of Pi Apps and Pi Dapps, the Pi Core Team is laying the foundation for a vibrant and innovative ecosystem. This will enable users to create and share value on the Pi Network, and will also ensure that the Pi Network remains competitive in the long run.

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