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Evans, Wadume and many others may not be guilty of Kidnapping; Abba Kyari may have framed them up–Due Process Advocates

T.I Ukende
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 Process Advocates, a Non Governmental Organization involved in fighting against human rights abuse and police intimidation says, the suspended DCP Abba Kyari and erstwhile Commander of Intelligence Response Team (IRT) at the Force Intelligence Bureau of the Nigerian Police Force killed more than 2000 suspects for his own personal enrichment.

The embattled super cop was yesterday declared wanted and subsequently arrested by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency over his involvement in a 25 kilograms Cocaine deal.

NDLEA in a statement confirmed the arrest of the suspended corrupt DCP and four others.

Meanwhile, DPA in a statement signed by its CEO, Emeka Ugwuonye said Nigerians will be shocked as more revelations will be made about Abba Kyari.

He said Abba Kyari was a corrupt police officer who can frame, kill any suspect and take over their property for his personal enrichment.

Emeka however said that many innocent Nigerians are languishing in different detention facility in Nigeria because of Abba Kyari.

The statement read, “DPC Abba Kyari is probably responsible for extra-judicial executions of more than 2000 suspects arrested by him and his men both as head of SARS lagos and head of IRT. And he killed for his own personal enrichment. If he liked your house, your hotel, anything you have well enough, he would implicate you and frame you up with kidnapping and armed robbery allegations. He would arrest and kill you. And he would steal your property. He was probably the most deadly and most powerful killer in the history of exteajudicial killing in the Nigerian police force.

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“Abba Kyari can build a mountain out of nothing. During the time I was detained in Kuje prison, I studied a number important suspects and documented the interviews and studies carried out. Thank God I made my study and research available to relevant foreign agencies and international organizations. I studied the case of Wadume. Wadume is standing trial right now. How many of you know that Wadume was never charged with the offense of kidnapping? That was because he was never involved in any kidnapping or there was absolutely no evidence of kidnapping. You don’t have to take my word. Just go to the court of Justice Binta Nyako of Abuja Federal High Court, and you will ask the Registrar of the court to give you a copy of Wadume’s case file. You will be shocked to know that Wadume is standing trial only for one single charge for the offence of unlawful possession of firearm. And he will be easily acquitted of that charge.

“So, why do most Nigerians believe that Wadume is a notorious kidnapper? Because Abba Kyari engineered that and manipulated the press to repeat that lie so many times that it became the truth.

“Have you wondered why those soldiers who killed three police officers in the Wadume incident were never charged, but were instead promoted? That was because the story Abba Kyari told the world in that case was false. The soldiers acted properly within the law in shooting those policemen in mufti whom they believed were kidnappers after they refused three times to stop at military checkpoint.

“The five men who kidnapped the wife of the Central Bank Governor were executed by Abba Kyari and his men after parading them, but after Abba Kyari and his men had taken from them the 100 million they were paid as ransom. Abba Kyari and his men tracked the men and could have arrested them before they were paid the ransom, but he preferred to wait until immediately after they received the ransom before arresting them. You can guess why. And they were killed not because Bba Kyari hated kidnappers, but because he needed to cover up the fact that he and his men cornered the ransom money. But the story did not end there. Four other men who never met or saw the wife of the Central Bank Governor are still in Kuje Prison standing trial for kidnapping the woman. They will all be acquitted because there is no evidence against them. They are just Abba Kyari’s victims.

“Do not believe half of what Abba Kyari told you about Evans. In fact, if you knew Abba Kyari well, you would believe Evans ten times before you can believe Abba Kyari.

“Nigerians will one day know the truth about Abba Kyari, and the country will shake. If you recalled, when Abba Kyari was implicated last year in the Hushouppi case and he was suspended, I predicted that without the cover his position in the police gave him, Abba Kyari was like a baby standing on the beach without any clothes on. I was right. More truth is coming out about this mass murderer in the Nigerian police force.

“Now, where are those bloggers Abba Kyari paid and used to cover up mass murder? They must be hiding now.”


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