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eNaira has successfully completed N46.3 million exchanges within fourteen days of its launch

T.I Ukende
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The eNaira, Africa’s first advanced cash, effectively finished N46.3 million worth of exchanges in under about fourteen days of dispatch. 

This was unveiled by a senior Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) official to the Financial Times. 

The CBN’s hug of innovation to address monetary consideration has assembled acclaims both from home and abroad. Nonetheless, there have been a few knocks out and about.

The currency’s first week and a half, according to the senior Central Bank of Nigeria official who addressed the Financial Times, said it was a “resonating achievement,” with approximately 400,000 new wallets enrolled in many countries and customers making 12,500 exchanges worth N46.3 million ($113,000). This achievement is notwithstanding clients grievances about a tedious sign-up process.

Africa’s first digital currency made its debut on the 25th of October 2021 and had over 200,000 downloads 24 hours after launch.

A few days after, the eNaira speed wallet disappeared from the Android Play Store, raising concerns among Nigerians. The problem was quickly resolved, however.

The CBN has urged all Nigerians to embrace the eNaira saying that it is more reliable than cryptocurrencies.

CBN’s technical partner, Bitt Inc has announced plans to roll out a new mobile application that allows the unbanked population to access eNaira.

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